Everything is f*cked — Mark Manson

Our identity changes after each experience

As children we have fragile identities

You love people who love what you love. We attract each other for values ​​and consistency

How to fund a religion

  1. ideological = believes in doing certain things to improve “this” life: capitalism, communism, fascism, environmentalism, last a few decades apart from a few, are cultural trends. difficult to navigate in the world then the brain to lose shortcuts and remains ignorant believing in bullshit like sesissmo and racism.
  2. interpersonal = believes in other people (boyfriend, kids, sports heroes, political leaders and celebrities), we usually do it as naive teenagers, but then we grow up. we believe that these people improve our lives and save us.

Nietzsche against God and all ideologies




Software Engineer @ London [https://www.linkedin.com/in/elvisciotti]

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Elvis Ciotti

Elvis Ciotti

Software Engineer @ London [https://www.linkedin.com/in/elvisciotti]

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