How to compare amazon products with a simple Chrome extension

Amazon, best best online store nowadays, has an incredible amount of items on sale.

I often found the ones meeting my needs after lots of work opening pages and comparing the tech specs (display size, memory for laptop/phones) or the size and weight in case I wanted to make sure — for example — the wireless speaker wasn’t too heavy.

I then developed few years ago a chrome browser extension to allow you right-clicking on products and append to a new tab with a comparison.

It’s free (*)and you can install it at this link for Chrome browser in a second. It works on all the marketplaces.

(*) After a week it displays a small reminder to please help contributing to the development, but only around 2$ a year to support the dozens of people mailing me for changes and fixes)

Right click option

Clap if useful. Mail me for fixes or suggestions.

Thank you !

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