Elvis Ciotti

When loaded via webpack, REACT_APP_ variable are not visible from react components.

To make custom variable vibible inside tsx files, define them in webpack via the DefinePlugin.

# webpack.config.js.. here you can read the process.env.variables from nodeconst PROCESS_ENV_NODE_ENV = process.env.NODE_ENV ? process.env.NODE_ENV : 'local';module.exports = {



If you need a lightweight editor to edit some content/notes, but IntelliJ is too slow to start, you can use the free Atom.

Install Atom

Download from here

Command line (Mac OSX)

Paste this into your bash init file (~/.zshrc or ~/.bash_profile)

atom() { open -na "Atom.app" --args "$@" }

or place the following into `/usr/local/bin/atom`

open -na "Atom.app" --args "$@"

To use, just type atom ~/your-dir or atom ~/path/to/your-file

Set Webstorm/IntelliJ shortcuts

Follow the instructions here

  • open the Atom menu, and select Install Shell Commands
  • apm install intellij-idea-keymap