To access a resource file from Spring, you can’t just refer to it to its path(“src/main/resources/file.txt”) as when packaged into the JAR, the path will likely change (depending on your config).

The simplest thing to do is placing the file inside the resource directory, and refer to it as “classpath:file.txt”

If Liquibase doesn’t run multiple queries in your SQL files, one solution you might want to try is adding splitStatement

# db.changelog-master.yaml
- include: { file: "changes/001.sql"…

Spring endpoint accepting multipart JSON + Uploaded file

To accept a multipart composed by a file and also JSON content, you can define the endpoint with two @RequestPart with the name name of the part (“json”, and “file” for the actual uploaded file). Keep those two names in mind as they’ll be needed later.
The json part is…

In these articles I’m collecting — in a very concise form — what I’ve learnt in my 15 yrs as a software engineer in more than 12 different companies, middle and large projects, small and large teams, but also in more than one single-handed project.

Technical debt is not your friend

Deliberate technical debt is a…

In this article I’ll explain how to to launch a popup on an external URL (e.g. Oauth login), detect when that popup redirects to a different location (Oauth callback) and access the popup URL param values (e.g. code=xyz ) in order to send it to the backend API.


React doesn’t…

Ansible logo

Ansible is a simple to use but yet very very powerful free software provisioning, and configuration management.

You can use to define in a readable YAML config file with everything you want installed and configured inside the raspberry (list of packages, fstab, crontab entries, samba config, DHCP config, ssh authorized…

Disk Utility on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 does not let you shrink or extend the Bootcamp Windows partition.

There are lots of third party software around, but most of them did not support Catalina OS the time of writing (April 2021).

I found a working software: Paragon Hard Disk Manager. The…

In this tutorial, a step-by-step guide to create and deploy a RESTful Serverless microservice Node.js + SQLite on AWS lambda.

If you what you need is exposing some static data over HTTP and you are happy with a serverless architecture, this article is for you.

Project creation

npm init
npm install --save express…

You might already be familiar with Lambda expression if you are coming from Javascript or other non-natively typed languages. In those languages, you can just create a lambda expression (argument and return body) and treat it like a variable (you can pass it to methods and function arguments). …

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